12 Ways To Have The Best Chrismukkah Ever, According To 'The O.C.'

Grab your yamaclaus!

It has been seven long years since we've been on the run, driving in the sun with "The O.C." cast, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten the lessons the show taught us. In addition to learning how to not handle a love triangle, why you should never OD in Mexico, and how to put schmear on a bagel, it gave us an amazing holiday: Chrismukkah.

This combination of Christmas and Hanukkah was featured in every season of the teen drama, so whether you actually celebrate the holiday or just want a yamaclaus, let "The O.C." show you how to have the best Chrismukkah ever. It's never too early to start filling your stockings with dreidels or using red and green candles for your menorah.

1. Spread Cheer by Explaining Chrismukkah to Newbies

It's magical.

2. Make Sure Your Family All Has Custom Stockings

Everyone has to have their name on their stocking.

3. And Grab Your Yamaclaus

Making your own is preferable.

4. Make Sure Your Holiday Shopping Is Twice as Fun

But don't let your girlfriend shoplift.

5. Try Not to Watch Your Old Bar Mitzvah Videos

Nothing about Chrismukkah should be depressing.

6. But Definitely Plan a Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah

Even if he's nearly a grown man.

7. Or a Light Show

This can be Christmas-themed, Hanukkah-themed, or both.

8. Gifts Are Particularly Important

Homemade is good...

9. And Love Triangles Can Spice Things Up

...but sexy is better. Team Summer.

10. But Remember That Chrismukkah Is Unruinable

Even when your love triangle explodes, Seth Cohen.

11. So You Do You – Especially Under the Mistletoe

In a Christmas tree lot works perfectly.

12. And Don't Forget to Send Out a Chrismukkah Card

The Cohens know how to do it right.

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