'Paranormal Activity' Creator Lists His Sequel Requirements

'Found footage is a fairly important part of it,' Oren Peli tells MTV News of first two films.

After driving a movie that made more than $40 million its first weekend, the demon will rise again. Make no mistake about it: A sequel to "Paranormal Activity 2" will happen, and filmmakers already know where to take the story.

As [article id="1650742"]director Tod Williams told us[/article], he and the rest of the "PA" crew came up with a slew of ideas about the direction "PA 3" should take. But at this point, according to "PA" creator Oren Peli, no threequel discussions have taken place with Paramount.

"There haven't been any talks that I've been involved in," he told MTV News on Wednesday. "It's only been a couple of days since the weekend. I'm sure people are talking about it and thinking about it. There are probably going to be some discussions."

Peli said that, if "PA 3" is made, there's little chance he'll jump back into the director's chair. "For now I'm happy with my role as a producer," he said.

As a producer, though, he was intimately involved with the creation of "PA 2," and he told us that whatever happens in "PA 3," the movie needs to stay true to its roots of being found-footage-based and taking place in a regular family's house.

"I think found footage is a fairly important part of it in the way it presents the movie in very authentic footage, so it doesn't feel like a movie," he said. "And I think the other thing is what happens in your own home at night while you're asleep and you're vulnerable and there's an unseen force. You don't know what it is, you don't know how to protect yourself from it."

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