How To Pronounce... "Ubisoft" (The Official Explanation)

Ask not what you can do for the new, improved MTV Multiplayer blog but what the new, improved Multiplayer blog can do for you.

Reading your mind, we've determined that what you' would like some help saying hard-to-pronounce video game words and names. Without further ado, we present the first installment of MTV Multiplayer's Pronunciation Guide. We're actually not going to give the answers ourselves. We're enlisting people who know better.

First up: Hey, Ubisoft developers, how do you say the name of your company? Is it YOO-be-soft? Or OO-be-soft? Listen...

Thanks to members of the "Far Cry 2" team -- Alexandre Amancio (Art Director), Clint Hocking (Creative Director), and Louis-Pierre Pharand (Producer) -- for their fine work. But, no, guys, we're not thanking you for the picture I just linked to.

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