Watch Rihanna's Blood And Boob-Filled 'Bitch Better Have My Money' Video

The insane (and very NSFW) video is here.

Whatever you thought Rihanna would to do whoever better have her money, it's actually way worse. Way bloodier. Way more guns. Way more nudity.

That's what Rih gives us in her fiery new video for "Bitch Better Have My Money" which, if the above description wasn't enough of a hint, is pretty graphic and NSFW.

We got a taste of the video on Sunday night, when she dropped the trailer and it immediately became clear that something intense was about to go down: She entered the elevator with a woman, but RiRi was the only one to walk out. It turns out that's because she and her friends decided to kidnap this poor lady.

They tie a woman up on the side of the road. That seems foul...

Rihanna Vevo

rihanna bbhmm 5

...But how could you get mad at this face?

Rihanna Vevo

rihanna bbhmm 4

Here's the "bitch" with her money, which is why they kidnapped that woman.

Rihanna Vevo

rihanna bbhmm

There were fun times, like shooting a gun off a yacht.

Rihanna Vevo

rihanna bbhmm 1

Just don't piss her off.

Rihanna Vevo

rihanna bbhmm 6

'Cause then this happens.

Rihanna Vevo

rihanna bbhmm 3

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