Steph Curry Explains That Warriors Line From Drake's 'Summer Sixteen'

A little fact-checking

When Drake boastfully referred to himself as "Steph Curry with the shot" on "0 to 100" in 2014, it felt like an apt comparison: He was locked in, stacking hit after hit, as he outworked and outmaneuvered opponents.

The Toronto rapper's latest lyrical nod to the NBA MVP came on "Summer Sixteen," where he claimed "Golden State running practice at my house." Rappers, of course, sometimes take poetic license with their claims -- so where does this one fall? According to Steph, it's kinda sorta (not really) true.

The whole team doesn't play in Drake's backyard, but Steph does. "[It was] me versus my brother-in-law, with Drake and his boys and some of my family in the stands," he said.

Probably better that the Warriors have a normal practice, not one at Drake's house, if they want to repeat as NBA champs this year, anyway.

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