Riff Raff Reveals How He'll Spend His 'Spring Breakers' Money

Jody Highroller is assembling a 'lawyer team' to make sure he gets compensation for James Franco's alleged portrayal of him in the flick.

Although Riff Raff is currently assembling a "lawyer team" in an effort to get compensation for James Franco's alleged portrayal of him in the movie "Spring Breakers," the rapper also known as Jody Highroller informed MTV News that he has no issues with Franco himself.

Riff confirmed to MTV Hive that he plans to sue -- it's unclear for what, exactly -- and that he will employ the services of a "lawyer team, of course."

Despite all that, he made it clear that he has no ill feelings toward the actor. "I'm sure he's cool," he told us. "I want him to be successful."

"Once I saw James Franco playing me in a movie -- first of all, that's just phenomenal," he said. "It ain't about James Franco. It's about me in 'Spring Breakers.' It's about my bank account. Will I get 10 million or will I get 5 million. Who knows? If I end up with only 5 million, then so be it. Whatever."

The Riff Raff vs. "Spring Breakers" fight has been rolling on for a while now -- a complicated tale that basically boils down to the fact that director Harmony Korine reportedly asked the rapper to appear in "Spring Breakers," a debauched tale of excess and crime starring James Franco and a bevy of Disney stars including Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. This request didn't come to fruition, and in the end, the film featured James Franco playing a character named Alien who looks eerily similar to Riff.

An almost mock feud followed, with Jody Highroller appearing on "One Life to Live" as a character named Jamie Franko and declaring himself the "rap game's James Franco." Franco, for his part, came out publicly to state that he based the "Alien" character on a [article id="1702137"]rapper named Dangeruss[/article].

The feud had fizzled a bit until Franco, shortly after the DVD release of "Spring Breakers" on July 9, posted a photo of himself tricked out as Alien standing in front of a sea of pics of Riff, with the caption "Film game riffraff."

Riff Raff then started going out for blood -- or money, rather, telling TMZ that he's suing ... someone, for the money he's owed for his alleged role in the movie. The film made around $31 million worldwide at the box office.

"I love the movie," Riff said. "Great movie. Go see it. Go buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it. Guess what? I want that 2.7 million -- if you can get it up to 3.5 by November, I'm trying to get this new lemon-lime Rolls-Royce. C'mon, y'all! Why you acting suspicious?"

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