Emma Watson Is Not Naked But Very Afraid In The First 'Regression' Trailer

Something has really spooked Emma in this upcoming thriller.

This little teaser for "Regression" only lasts sixty seconds, but that's more than enough time to conclude that this movie looks downright terrifying, wow.

A black mass in a grimy basement, an ominously ticking metronome, and Emma Watson urgently whispering, "They'll kill me": These are just a few of the things in the international trailer for "Regression" that'll make your hair stand on end. Also, whoever's out to get Emma, it seems they'll do away with anyone to keep her secret from being spread around.

"Now they'll kill you, too," she tells Ethan Hawke, who stars here as a detective. (He looks like he doesn't believe her, which means he's definitely getting stabbed.)

"Regression" has already earned some buzz for being not only Emma's first thriller, but her first foray into on-screen nudity. There's no hint of that scene, here, but on the other hand, there could also be just about anything going on underneath those creepy hooded robes.

"Regression" will be in theaters August 28.