Cher’s Twitter Account Is The Hero We Deserve

How she became the ultimate celebrity voice on politics, news, and reality

Everything is terrible, except for this: Cher has announced plans to grace Broadway with a musical about her life.

According to Deadline, Cher: The Musical will chronicle her childhood up through the years spent topping the charts with the late Sonny Bono, while Cher herself reports that the play will debut in 2018, and will deliver dancers and singers in all their glory.

Which is important and exciting and exactly the kind of pick-me-up many of us have been looking for. But the thing is, that's only the second-most important thing Cher is doing for the world right now. Number one: Cher's Twitter account, and specifically its consistently on-point political commentary.

Cher has always been unabashedly herself. And this makes her 140-character callouts all the more effective. As much as she’s a singer, an actor, and one hell of an entertainer, Cher has also been an activist. She’s consistently fought loudly for LGBTQ equality, she’s spoken at campaign rallies, and in January 2016, she donated 180,000 bottles of water to residents of Flint, Michigan (who still don’t have access to clean drinking water, BTW). Cher’s activism runs deep, and it’s as much a part of her as her unmistakable voice.

In a political climate where topical Trump quips are a quick way of establishing one’s woke-ness, Cher’s commentary is especially revelatory. Her signature mix of emojis, short-form abbreviations, and nicknames works to send a message — and refreshingly, that message is rarely aligned with big Cher news or record releases or anything Cher-centric at all. Her tweets aren’t a reminder that she’s a relevant artist or to buy Cher: The Musical tickets early — they serve to remind us that Trump is, in Cher's estimation, a toilet, and deserves to be called out as such.

Which is a big deal. And not just because Cher is a legend whose tweets are read by millions of people — it’s because her tweets stand as a reminder that being afraid to make overt political statements is boring and ineffective. Every day on Twitter, Cher embodies the DGAF attitude that so many of us pretend to have, but she flips it on its head because of how invested she really is. Cher may not care what anybody thinks about her, but she certainly cares about her causes. She is empathetic, passionate, and willing to fight. And that’s exactly the type of artist we need right now.

It’s easy to sit back and pretend to be cool — to claim not to care about backlash or haters or online harassment after voicing one’s political views. (Especially since most of us aren’t Cher, and aren’t guaranteed a career after using the toilet symbol to describe 45.) But so often we look to musicians for leadership, guidance, or even just a reminder that we’re a little less alone than we think. And Cher’s done one better, by spitting truths and daring us to do the same. It’s impossible not to scroll through her feed and feel her unfuckwithability emitting from her emoji-packed, caps-lock-enabled stream of political consciousness. You’d have to be dead inside not to see her exclamation points and feel the same enthusiasm for rebellion. Or, at the very least, not to feel brave enough to take your own stand in your own way.

Because look: I don’t think any of us can go a full week without politics at this point.

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