Andrew Garfield's Man Bun Is Ready For A Harry Styles Biopic: 'I'm Campaigning'

The "99 Homes" star has heard all of your Harry Styles jokes... and he's in on them, too.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

Over the past year and a half, celeb-watchers have undoubtedly tracked Andrew Garfield's transition from "Amazing Spider-Man" to amazing bearded man. He finally shaved the beard itself after it reached full-on "Last Man on Earth" status just a few weeks back, but with the end of the beard-era came the dawn of our greatest era of Garfield yet... the Age Of The Man Bun.

Garfield undeniably rocks the look with aplomb, but of course, there's one fellow Brit who has been sporting the look ever since the days when Andrew Garfield still played Spider-Man -- Harry Styles. So when MTV News caught up with the actor to talk about his great new movie "99 Homes," we just had to ask if Garfield took on the look for a more 1D-friendly reason -- a Harry Styles biopic, perhaps?

"I'm petitioning," Garfield said with a laugh. "I'm campaigning, subliminally. Just, like... is his life full and rich enough to have a biopic done about it yet? It's time. He's what, 21? It's time. You've got me."

What do you think -- could you see this...


... Realistically taking on this?


We can!

But all jokes aside, Garfield said that all of these comments about his 'do are starting to wear thin -- unlike his hairline, of course.

"I hate [the bun]," he said. "I absolutely hate it. Hair is hair, it's fine -- I don't have anything against hair specifically. It's more the furor that surrounds it... it's stupid. But I had to grow my hair out for a film that I did recently, and I haven't cut it, because I'm scared... the next film I do, I have to have a certain haircut. Stop pressuring me!"

"And also, I think there's something -- because I have a mustache right now as well -- I don't think they look good on me, these things," Garfield continued. "I think that's probably one of the reasons why I like keeping them, because we're in a culture right now which is -- everyone has an opinion. I know that people don't like how I look. It's like a repellent. There's a little bit of me that's like, 'f--k it, I'll look like this.' I had a big beard last year as well, and people were like, 'what the f--k is that beard?' So I think it may just be a little bit of a, 'oh, you don't like it? Good.'"

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