Watch Jacquie Lee's 'Tears Fall' Lyric Video Right Now

Sometimes we all need a good cry.

Jacquie Lee is ready to take her music farther. The 17-year-old "The Voice" runner-up just released the lyric video to "Tears Fall," so now we can all sing along -- if we can actually turn down the waterworks.

Despite the tears falling, the track is poppy and upbeat. But don't peg Lee as your next young pop star -- not only can the girl sing, she puts all of her heart into these songs, which gives us even more reason to love her.

Since being on Season 5 of "The Voice," Lee has signed to Atlantic.

"Tears Fall" is the follow-up to "Broken Ones," both songs of her upcoming Broken Ones EP, out October 21 and available for pre-order now. When you pre-order the EP, you get both of those songs for free.