Beyoncé's New Pregnancy Photos Are The Guiding Light You Need Today

'There's life growing inside of me and I'm beside myself with dreams'

Instantly breaking the record for most-liked Instagram photo of all time was only the beginning for Beyoncé. Shortly after setting the internet on fire with her gorgeous pregnancy announcement on Wednesday (February 1), Bey has shared a new series of photos, videos, and poetry celebrating the good news.

Titled "I Have Three Hearts," the series includes a poem by Warsan Shire, the writer behind the text Beyoncé recites throughout the video version of Lemonade. Unsurprisingly, both the visuals and the poetry are a beautiful, healing oasis amid the caustic desert of the internet in 2017.

More new pregnancy photos (including many stunning underwater shots) from artist Awol Erizku appear throughout the slideshow, as well as archival footage of baby Blue Ivy from 2012. It's almost like a mini-sequel to Lemonade precipitated on hope and life — the phoenix rising from the ashes.