2014 Biggest Booty Moments Are Right Here

Nicki, Kim, Iggy and J.Lo are all represented.

Who doesn't love a beautiful backside? While sexy bottoms always seem to be in vogue, the TLC that butts received in 2014 was next-level.

Throughout the year, we saw stars like Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea shaking their tail feathers, but things didn't stop there. Beyoncé wasn't afraid to shake what her mama gave her, and Meghan Trainor gave us one of hell of a booty anthem. Then of course there was Kim Kardashian, who #BrokeTheInternet when she posed nude, putting her rump on full display.

We were so inspired by the year's booty bounty that we cut a celebratory highlight reel that you can see above and looked back at 2014's biggest butt moments below.

"Anaconda" Video


Where were you when Nicki dropped her "Anaconda" vid? Glued to your screen of course.

The Day The Internet Broke

Jean-Paul Goude/Paper


You know Kim Kardashian wasn't going to be left out of the booty parade of 2014. Her Paper magazine cover was designed to #BreakTheInternet. Mission accomplished.

Tag-Team Booty


When you combine the fairy godmother of celebrity butts (Jennifer Lopez) and the rump-shaking rookie of the year (Iggy Azalea), you can only get a masterpiece. That "Booty" remix video was something special.

Jay Z's Butt Grab

Jay Z turned up the heat at the 2014 Grammy Awards when he grabbed Bey's backside while performing "Drunk in Love." We're not mad at 'cha Hov.

"All About That Bass"

Our booty fetish isn't just based on sex -- it's also a celebration of varying body types. In some sectors of society, big booty'd women are made to feel ashamed about their curves. Lucky for us, Meghan Trainor gave us an anthem that we all can feel good about.

Nicki's Eye-Popping Single Cover

We're still in awe over this one.

Drake Gets A Lap Dance

And we're sure Drake is still in awe over his Nicki Minaj lap dance.

"7/11" Video

MTV News


Beyoncé gave us a late entry with her "7/11" video. In the clever clip, she danced in her underwear and rolled dice on a dancer's rump, but what stuck in our mind the most was her cheek-to-cheek tweak. All hail booty!

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