The Flaming Lips Bring Rubber Duckies And Red Solo Cups To Hangout Fest -- All The Weird... In GIFs

Here comes the sun -- and a bunch of other stuff.

We had a high hopes for the Flaming Lips' set at Hangout Fest 2014 -- what with Wayne Coyne's Instagrams of that bloody muscle suit and that giant red Solo cup.

Well, Coyne and Co. did not disappoint; they served up a totally tripped-out kid's cartoon of a performance, complete with singing trees, dancing mushrooms and a sea of bouncing, inflatable rubber duckies. Oh, and the Solo cup also made an appearance -- filled with balloons, of course.

Yup, this merry band of freaks totally gave Diarrhea Planet and their crowd-surfing donuts a run for their proverbial money.

Busting into their set with a duo of their biggest hits -- "She Don't Use Jelly" and "Do You Realize" -- the band segued into a more subdued set, eerily soundtracking the transition from night into day. And then it got weird again -- with flashing lights and tons of ragged-rad noise. They even threw in crowd-pleasing covers of The Beatles' "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and David Bowie's "Heroes" for good measure.

Take a look at the collection of GIFs below and vibe out, man:

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