This Is What A Sex Scene Is Really Like To Make

Let's get it on ... with Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson.

All right, prepare yourselves for the ultimate in secondhand gawking: We've got a behind-the-scenes video of a sex scene.

Here, at long last, is a (NSFW) look at how Hollywood makes the dirty deed look au natural onscreen. Between the pretending, the intimacy, and the natural and sometimes unavoidable bodily reactions to pretending to rock each other's worlds, there is little doubt in our minds that getting intimate with a relative stranger (or someone who isn't your current paramour) has infinite potential for total awkwardness.

When you've gathered a whole movie crew, a bevy of cameras, and a few pages of orgasms into one room for, uh, completion, the most important thing is to keep it light, keep it funky, and just lean into the moment's absurdities -- just like Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson here!

The duo get a little bit of onscreen action time while shooting the Joe Carnahan–directed movie "Stretch." What's sexier than getting sprayed down with an aerosol can?

Watch the NSFW clip below: