Who Would Win In A ‘Fast And Furious’ Dancing Contest?

Sure, The Rock can "Hit The Quan," but can everyone else?

We know that the "Fast and Furious" crew is great at a lot of things. They can drive cars really well, obviously, but they can also perform awesome stunts, drink Coronas, stand in a line lookin' all menacing, and be the best family ever together.

But did you know that many of them are also quite capable busting a move on the dance floor? Because it's totally true. This weekend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed his own killer "Hit The Quan" moves on his Instagram account, which got us wondering just what a full on "Furious" dance party would look like. Odds are, it would be a pretty magical occasion -- and based on what we could find on the Internet, we think we know just who'd be strutting their stuff the hardest.

Michelle Rodriguez

Zac Efron's the real star of this video he and his friends took last year while on vacation, but Michelle gets points for that killer high kick.



Clearly the guy dances so fast that he's able to produce shadow copies of himself like he did in his "Southern Hospitality" video. That's what happened there, right?

Gal Gadot

One can only hope for a scene in "Wonder Woman" where the title character shows off her twerking skills. Tastefully, mind you, but tell me that wouldn't be fun as heck.

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese has such mad dancing skills that's he's clearly devoted himself to teaching others.

Paul Walker

We didn't just lose a member of the "Fast and Furious" family when Paul Walker passed -- we missed a dancing legend. A "funk soul brother," if you will.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel sure does love to dance for a camera -- but maybe he shouldn't get so close to it so he doesn't have to duck down while doing his awesome moves.

The Rock

Inside this giant man is the heart of a graceful dancer.

Nathalie Emmanuel

While on the cast of "Hollyoaks" in the UK, Nathalie Emmanuel showed off her dancing skills like whoah. Girl can really cut footloose.

And Finally, Jason Statham

What, you thought we'd go without bringing this incredible '90s video from Statham's past? Of course not.

Okay, now it's your turn -- who do you think is the best dancer of the "Fast and Furious" team? Let us know using the poll below!