Lilly Singh's First-Ever Apartment Puts Your Place To Shame

YouTube's IISuperwomanII takes you on a tour through her new L.A. home.

Lilly Singh, aka YouTube superstar IISuperwomanII, just moved to Los Angeles and her Lillypad is SICK. The 27-year-old comedian and rapper, who previously lived at home in Toronto, posted a video of her new apartment on Sunday (Dec. 6) to her daily vlog channel.

"I am absolutely terrified to move ... I truly, truly believe that success lies outside of your comfort zone and my house has been the greatest comfort zone for me," Singh explained to her audience in a previous video uploaded last week. "This city [Toronto] has been the greatest comfort zone for me. All my friends are here, all my family is here, and I've accomplished so much here, but I know that it's going to require me to leave to progress in my career and follow my dreams."

Well, her L.A. apartment is definitely a dream come true. The place includes two bedrooms, a walk-in closet, floor-to-ceiling windows (dat natural light tho) and a second floor exclusively dedicated to Singh's workplace. This'll be the new location for most of her videos. In the vlog below, Singh takes you on an emotional tour of her new, mostly unfurnished home.

It's an exciting move for Singh, who recently wrapped up her global world tour and is dropping her first movie, "A Trip To Unicorn Island," on YouTube Red early next year. Here's to an awesome 2016 in your new L.A. home, Lilly!

H/T BuzzFeed