This Teen Found Out The Hard Way That Bringing Your Bong To School Is A Bad Idea

His entire school went into lockdown when the bong started smoking.

Earlier this week, we told you about an off-the-rails dude in Colorado who took Molly, stole an ambulance, and jacked off in a police station. You’d think that would be enough teen-related hijinks to hold Colorado over for at least the next few days, but those wacky Rocky Mountain folks just keep surprising us.

On Friday another young blazer got in deep trouble after he inadvertently released marijuana smoke into a classroom at Adams City High School, just outside Denver. The culprit allegedly had a gravity bong (a.k.a., a bucket-like device that uses the splendor of gravity to suck smoke through a chamber) that was stashed in his backpack and started smoking out of nowhere. Either that, or he got a little too Friday-happy and wanted to start the weekend early.



In any case, the school freaked out and the whole place went into lockdown mode. Breanna Deidel, a spokeswoman for the school district, said several students were monitored by the school nurse but everyone’s fine now. “Everybody is safe,” Deidel said. “The kid who did it is in the office meeting with the disciplinary team right now.”

Reminder: Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but consumption by minors or by anyone in public places (ahem, schools) is still illegal.

No word yet on what the kid’s punishment is, but you can bet it won’t be good. This is your friendly reminder to stay off Molly and leave your bongs at home, kids.

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