Vic Mensa Covering 'Seven Nation Army' Is Proof That Genre Boundaries Are Over

Even if you have Jack White fatigue, this crossover cover rules.

At Lollapalooza last weekend, Chicago rapper Vic Mensa transported everyone back to that simpler, innocent time by covering "Seven Nation Army" with all the intensity of the original.

Remember back before everyone had Jack White fatigue and he was just half of a cool new band called The White Stripes? Nobody knew much about them except they had a female drummer and a song called "Seven Nation Army" that was so cool it was practically the second coming of a spiritual leader. Somehow, Mensa channeled that coolness while updating the track with a little EDM and a little hip-hop posturing.

Watch a clip of the cover below via Pursuit of Dopeness.

Vic is part of the Chance the Rapper's Save Money crew and while he's on the come up, it's still easier for festival crowds when a newer artist throws out a legacy cover that everyone can mosh to accordingly. Even for people who were unfamiliar with Vic's own material, his passion while performing this song is palpable. Given he was performing in his hometown, though, plenty of people knew Vic himself.

But what's really cool about this is that Vic is a rapper covering an indie rock song—it's just further proof that the hard and fast lines between genres are disappearing into the ether, and now music of every genre is spilling into every other genre like one big happy family. Thank you Vic Mensa, for helping the lines between genres grow thinner and thinner. Maybe by next year they'll they disappear all together.

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