This Genius Kid Totally Cheated The System With A Brilliant Test Answer

And makes math look easy as pi

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. That's what one kid proved with a flawlessly answered test question, much to the teacher's dismay.

The question specifically said, "You can make the equation as simple or as complex as you want," which is exactly what the student did.

Instead of conjuring up some uber complicated equation that, frankly, would just be overkill, the pupil decided to take the easy way out like a straight-up boss.

Now, if I were this teacher, I would've been both amused and thrilled that a student of mine was clever enough (and brave enough) to answer my question with the question itself. It shows quick thinking and supports the "keep it short and sweet" ideology. In fact, one of the commenters on Imgur even said, "As a math teacher, I would have been totally happy with this answer and probably revised the question for future quizzes."

But this teacher's comment demonstrates he or she was less than pleased, although it's unclear if the question was marked correct or incorrect — although it should be correct, but whatever.

This question reminds me of the classic test answer you've seen on countless listicles, except this student received full credit (and no sass) for the response.

Test Answer

So, congrats to you, kid! Keep being a badass.


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