Eminem And Gwen Stefani Come Out Swinging On 'Kings Never Die': Listen

The monstrous rap-rock hybrid is Em's latest contribution to the 'Southpaw' soundtrack.

Following the release of “Phenomenal,” Eminem has dropped the second track from the “Southpaw” soundtrack — and it hits as hard as Jake Gyllenhaal’s left hooks.

“Kings Never Die” finds Em teaming up with Gwen Stefani for a towering anthem that just may dethrone “Lose Yourself” as your new pump-up jam. The Detroit rapper spits three aggressive, rapid-fire verses against monster guitar riffs and pounding drums, interspersed with Stefani’s calm but soaring hooks.

Make no mistake: this is a not-so-subtle allegory to Eminem’s career — he comes out swinging, psyching himself up while denouncing the haters and asserting his greatness.

“I think I see why a lot of rappers get on these features and try to show out on a track with me/But it’d actually have to be a f--king blowout to get me to retire/Tell these new artists that kings never die,” Em raps, daring anyone to count him out.

He also takes the opportunity to pay homage to the game’s greats: “They say kings never die/Just ask Jam Master Jay” and “Tryna secure your legacy like Shakur/And ensure that nobody’s ever gonna be what you were.”

Em curated and executive produced the soundtrack for “Southpaw,” a boxing drama that stars Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, and 50 Cent. The 14-track release also boasts contributions from The Weeknd, Action Bronson, and more. See the full track list here.