Day26 Want 'Forever In A Day' To 'Tear The Club Walls Down'

'This album is stank -- and I mean that in a good way,' Mike McCluney says of LP, due April 14.

Day26's debut album opened at #1 last year, and they hope to repeat that success with [article id="1607726"]Forever in a Day,[/article] due April 14.

(You can hear all of Forever in a Day for free, prior to its release, on

The [url id=""]"Making the Band"[/url] stars worked with The-Dream, Cassie, Jermaine Dupri and Mario Winans for the album, and for first single "I'mma Put It on Her," the guys managed to get their boss Diddy on the track, as well as Yung Joc.

When [article id="1604213"]Day26 hit the studio[/article] back in February, they told MTV News they hoped to have a more club-friendly album this time around.

"While recording our first album and putting it out, we realized we didn't cater to the club as much as we needed to," Will Taylor said. "So this album, we're just dedicated to tearing the club walls down. The album is going to be ridiculous. We're going to show you the true Day26."

Even though there are a few collaborations on the album, the guys promise that unlike their debut, they had more of a hand in making this album.

"We do a lot of stuff ourselves. ... Last time, we didn't get nothing, zero," Mike McCluney said. "But this album, we got a couple songs. ... This album is stank -- and I mean that in a good way."

"We're more involved as far as actually picking songs and the direction [url id=""]Day26[/url] is going in," Robert Curry added. "We feel like we've grown tremendously. This project is going to be ridiculous."

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