Want To Date Anna Kendrick? Then Never, Ever Tickle Her

No means no.

Now that JLaw is back with Chris Martin, it probably goes without saying that Anna Kendrick is the most eligible bachelorette in Hollywood. She's smart, she's funny, she's hella talented -- and sometimes, she even looks like an IRL Disney princess on red carpets! Go get er, boys.

However, according to her recent feature with O Magazine, there is one thing you should never do when pursuing Ms. Kendrick: Become a tickle monster.

“If you tell a guy you don’t like being tickled and he tickles you anyway, that’s a red flag," Kendrick said when asked for her best relationship advice.


And to be honest, we're inclined to agree -- though maybe when you tell your beau you hate anything and they continue to taunt you with it anyway, it's kind of a red flag. You know, because of that whole respecting one's boundaries thing, and all.

But don't be completely discouraged, all you tickle-lovers out there -- if you do want to bond with Kendrick about something, she has advice for that, too.

“[My guilty pleasure is] spending hours scrolling through baking blogs," Kendrick told the mag. "I like reading about people’s journeys to master a recipe. It feels like a small victory in the world.”

So, there you have it -- keep your hands to yourself, and learn how to make a Baked Alaska. You'll be chasing after Kendrick as she runs from the ball in no time.

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