Lil' Kim Just Dissed Nicki Minaj Again: Listen To 'Identity Theft'

Back at it.

It's safe to say Lil' Kim is fully back on her Nicki Minaj dis wave.

It's been a busy week of insults for the Queen Bee, starting off with her verse on a remix to Beyoncé's "Flawless" on Monday. On that track -- which followed up an official remix by Nicki just a day earlier -- Kim launched a verbal assault, with lines like, "Am I trippin’ or did this ho just say my name?/ Queen of rap, f--k outta here, Queen’s back, f--k outta here/ Time to get this rap bitch up outta here."

On Wednesday (August 6), she was at it again, with a brand new dis record called "Identity Theft." The song again takes aim at the "Pills N Potions" MC, with a lyrical theme that's represented in the title.

"Anything you tryna do, I done did it," she raps at one point, later adding, "I gave birth to your style."

Though she doesn't mention the Young Money rapper by name, you can wipe away any doubts you might have after looking at the single art, which Kim posted on Instagram.

This may just be a result of Kim being Kim, but maybe she was particularly perturbed when she saw Nicki's "Anaconda" cover art -- which some felt was reminiscent of a notorious picture of Kim, squatting in lingerie, from a promo for her 1996 debut, Hardcore.

Will there be a response from Nicki?

She's been doing some interviews, so she may have a chance to fire back in that arena if she's asked asked about Kim's recent actions. Or, of course, she could step inside the booth.

Meanwhile, right around the time "Identity Theft" dropped, Nicki was posting some Alexander McQueen photos on Instagram. One of them, fittingly, was this.

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