Kreacher Comfort: MTV Solves A 'Harry Potter' Mystery

So immediately following the pressers, a bunch of us from Veritaserum, Leaky Cauldron, Mugglenet, Aint-It-Cool-News, and Dark Horizons put our heads together to figure out -- who could it be? Some voted for Grawp, Hagrid's giant half-brother, who must have been expensive CGI-wise. Others voted for James Potter, Harry's dad, who appears in flashback. Some thought perhaps Luna Lovegood had been nearly cut out -- until we decided that she was necessary for Harry understanding and coming out of his sense of isolation. For a moment, we even thought Bellatrix Lestrange -- perhaps she was going to be made into a generic Death Eater, as was the treatment for some members of the Order of the Phoenix? After all, if we're not going to meet Neville Longbottom's parents, who had been driven insane by Bellatrix's Cruciatus curse, perhaps who got them in that state would be glossed over as well. But then there is that dark house elf (pictured below), seen briefly muttering to himself in the corridors of 12 Grimmauld Place.

"It was Kreacher, actually," director David Yates confirmed to MTV News on Sunday. "We took Kreacher out, and Jo said, 'Listen guys, you don't have to put Kreacher back, but I'm just telling you, if you want to kind of keep a thread going for six and seven, you might want Kreacher to come back.' She basically told us Kreacher plays a role in Seven, in a sense. She hinted. We thought about it for five seconds, and he came back."

What you won't see in the Kreacher scenes, however, is him squirreling away any artifacts such as, say, a mysterious locket no one can open (see "Elf's Absence From Next 'Harry Potter' Flick Opens Up Plot Questions"). "Bad David!" Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry, teased his director about the locket's absence. "It was kind of tricky to raise that in our story, because it's for so much later," Yates said. "We figured we can probably introduce it later, and that's the approach we took."


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