Nick Jonas Is A Conflicted Frat Bro In Exclusive 'GOAT' Trailer

Jonas takes on toxic masculinity in director Andrew Neel's hazing drama

Nick Jonas's career continues to branch off in unexpected directions with the upcoming release of his new film, GOAT, an affecting look at modern masculinity and brotherhood on a college campus. In GOAT, every action is fueled by a toxic blend of insecurity and anger — and Jonas finds himself in the middle of it.

Watch the official trailer for GOAT, exclusively on MTV News, below.

Based on Brad Land's gripping memoir, GOAT tells the deeply personal story of two brothers. Brad (Ben Schnetzer) is a socially awkward young man who's not quite comfortable in his own skin, while Brett (Jonas) is the complete opposite: a dudebro with a heart of gold. Their bond is tested when Brad pledges Brett's fraternity. Phi Sigma Mu signifies the kind of self-assurance and brute strength that Brad feels he lacks. But once Hell Week begins, the frat's brutal and demeaning hazing rituals start to take a toll on Brad, physically and mentally — and all Brett can do is watch his brother unravel.

Director Andrew Neel's unflinching take on toxic masculinity and brotherhood was one of the highlights of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. A memorable cameo from producer James Franco also helped garner buzz.

GOAT will open on September 23 in New York, Los Angeles and select cities, as well as digitally and on demand.

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