Super Bowl Movie Ads: Expect Sneak Peeks Of 'Transformers 2,' 'Star Trek' And More

Game's commercials will also feature footage from 'Race to Witch Mountain,' 'G.I. Joe' and others.

Looking back on the Super Bowls of the past few decades, it's hard not to remember all the big plays. For instance, that time [movieperson id="97929"]Ridley Scott[/movieperson] introduced us to the future of computers. Or when two future "Space Jam" stars played a game of H.O.R.S.E. Or that other time, when a [movieperson id="82404"]Tom Hanks[/movieperson] film helped us consider our overnight-shipping options.

Rumor has it that on Sunday, between all the big-budget commercial unveilings, there will be some sort of athletic game. But if you're like the MTV Movies team, the biggest gamble isn't a two-point conversion but how the studios will make (or break) their film's advance buzz with an estimated $3 million commercial on the nation's biggest stage.

With that in mind, here's our list of the Most-Anticipated 2009 Super Bowl Movie Ads scheduled to run this weekend. And be sure to check back with us, because we'll be running our reviews of the spots after they air.

[movie id="369059"]"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"[/movie]

[movieperson id="171297"]Michael Bay's[/movieperson] film was the biggest hit of 2007, and when the teaser trailer was released a year prior, the hype began. Now, we're a mere five months away from watching the Decepticons get their revenge on [movieperson id="313344"]Shia LaBeouf[/movieperson], [movieperson id="333331"]Megan Fox[/movieperson] and Optimus Prime's intergalactic warriors, and we haven't seen a damn thing. Is Bay trying to hide something? Is he so confident in his summer tentpole that he feels like he doesn't need the hype? On Sunday, we'll finally get a peek under the hood.

[movie id="305755"]"Star Trek"[/movie]

With this May 8 release still hanging on the precipice of possible coolness like Chris Pine dangling from a cliff, all eyes will be on[movieperson id="206514"]J.J. Abrams'[/movieperson] new Super Bowl footage. Will his film lean more toward the intelligent sci-fi glimpsed in recent previews? Or will it veer once and for all into "Star Trek 90210" territory? The world (if not the universe) will be watching.

[movie id="364407"]"Race to Witch Mountain"[/movie]

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking this Super Bowl weekend? How about a family friendly dish made of decades-old ingredients with a 21st-century sprinkling of CGI? With any luck, the commercial for this upcoming Disney flick will further whet our appetite.

[movie id="363653"]"G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra"[/movie]

Much like the "Transformers" sequel (see above), this big-budget, toy-based adaptation has waited an unusually long time to unveil some footage. Take away the "G.I. Joe" name, and the recently revealed posters look more like an ad for a "Matrix" sequel than the Real American Heroes. Will the TV spot finally give us a glimpse at something reminiscent of the "G.I. Joe" franchise and of Cobra Commander himself?

[movie id="330488"]"Angels and Demons"[/movie]

Will it stay true to the Dan Brown novel? Will it be more complex than "The Da Vinci Code" movie? Ah, hell, all we know is Tom Hanks finally has his hair under control, and the church is still angry. If that's not enough to get your butt in a seat, keep an eye out for what might be the May 15 film's first full-length trailer.

[movie id="328526"]"Monsters vs. Aliens"[/movie]

The other day, DreamWorks sent me 10 pairs of 3-D glasses, drastically overestimating the number of friends I have to watch the Super Bowl with. The studio plans to distribute 125 million pairs, all in the name of giving an eye-popping preview of their March 27 3-D animated film. If you haven't been able to get your hands on a pair, feel free to swing by my house. I'll give my extras to the first nine people who bring nachos.

[movie id="369697"]"Land of the Lost"[/movie]

[movieperson id="190407"]Will Ferrell[/movieperson], [movieperson id="143160"]Brad Silberling[/movieperson], giant CGI dinosaurs and spooky Sleestaks? This sounds like anything but a routine expedition.

[movie id="369105"]"Fast and Furious"[/movie]

[movieperson id="187718"]Vin Diesel[/movieperson],

[movieperson id="203430"]Paul Walker[/movieperson], [movieperson id="234489"]Jordana Brewster[/movieperson] and

[movieperson id="244473"]Michelle Rodriguez[/movieperson] hop behind the wheel once more, eager to prove that seven years of stale retreads haven't turned this franchise into "The Cautiously Hurried and the Mildly Perturbed."

[movie id="345540"]"X-Men Origins: Wolverine"[/movie]

First, the casting sounded great. Then, the advance buzz became horrible. Then, a trailer was released that made it look as though Logan was up to his old ass-kicking ways. What will be the next twist on the "Wolverine" roller coaster? We should know soon enough.


It's one of our most-anticipated films of 2009, and there's something about the footage that we've already seen that simply screams "genius," as in "WALL-E"-type genius. Don't be surprised if the "Up" commercial becomes the biggest touchdown scored on Sunday.

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