'Batman Eternal #37' Post-Game: Catwoman Joins The Fray

Writer Tim Seeley post-games the latest issue of DC's comic.

Each week, MTV News is breaking down the big moments in DC Comics' "Batman Eternal," the weekly series that is redefining Gotham City as we know it.

This week, we talked to writer Tim Seeley about Catwoman's ascendance, a super-villain team-up, and the grossest blanket of all time.

MTV News: Catwoman takes on a bunch of roles in this issue. How comfortable is she in her new life – or not?

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Tim Seeley: I think, at this point in her story, she's just doing what she feels like she has to do. It's a survival technique. Selina can justify a lot of actions if she thinks of them as necessary for survival.

MTV: Let’s talk that blanket sewn out of human faces. Uh, what? Gross! This is a question.

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Seeley: Ha. Hey, I write horror stuff. You can take the writer out of the creepy but ya can't take the creepy out of the writer!

MTV: But really, what’s going on with Batwing here... Is he right that he brought something back from Arkham?

Seeley: You'll see as the story plays out! I'm just adding to Ray's story here, and what he has planned is a doozy.

MTV: Croc’s relationship with Batman has changed dramatically with his new status quo. Will there be a time when Bats trusts him?

Seeley: I think Batman knows why Croc does what he does, and that means he knows he can't be truly trusted. Croc's loyalties aren't to the law, but to himself and those he deems as his tribe. Croc is sort of like a wild animal. He might seem cute and cuddly for a bit, but he'll tear your arm off.

MTV: Let’s talk about the villain team-up here. It seems almost doomed from the start. Can these crazy kids work things out?

Seeley: Ha, to me that was sort of the fun of this issue... Trying to work out how these characters would relate to each other. They're all varying degrees of 'crazy' and 'evil.'

MTV: Giving Bane super-Venom seems like a REALLY bad idea. How bad of an idea is it, on a scale of "Oh no" to "apocalypse?"

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Seeley: I think it rates a 'back breaker!"

MTV: Now that Bard has lost the cops, but gained the city, what’s left for him? Is he so twisted that he can’t turn over a new leaf? Or will this just strengthen his resolve to break the Bat?

Seeley: This begins the moment for Bard where he has to ask himself if he's gotten what he wanted, and if he's been loyal to himself the whole time. He's a complex guy and he has to decide if what he's accomplished is redemption or if he needs to redeem himself.

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