11 Reasons A Short Prom Dress Makes You Feel Larger Than Life

They're more likely to have ~pockets~.

Prom season is in full swing, and the clock is ticking if you haven't found your dream dress yet. If you're still frantically rummaging through sales racks in search of the dress -- not to be confused with #TheDress -- we have a suggestion for you: Have you thought about rocking prom in a glam above-knee number?

The Little ___ Dress (fill in your color of choice) can go a long way on your big night. In this case, less is more. Here's why:

You won't trip over your dress


This doesn't mean you're guaranteed not to trip over anything at all, of course, but at least if you do trip, the dress won't be the reason why. Your classic slow-walk-down-the-stairs entrance -- seriously, that move happens in every teen movie that involves a prom ever -- won't look so graceful if your heel gets caught in your dress' long train.

You can show off your killer heels


You dropped a ton of cash on those pumps. Make sure everyone sees them in all their glory. With a short dress, there's always a spotlight shining on your shoes and that perfect pedicure.

You won't need to make as many alterations, if any at all


Short ladies of the world, I know you feel me here (I'm 4'11''). One of the best parts about shorts weather is that we don't need to cuff our jeans or shell out cash to get them hemmed. Alterations are a giant nightmare with prom gowns. Dropping a few bucks to get some inches chopped off your jeans is one thing, but hemming up an intricately designed dress with tulle or satin (or whatever fancy-schmancy material is in those things) is wayyy more expensive.

You can wear the dress again


Short dresses can be dressed up or down for future dances, parties or weddings. Instead of your prom dress sitting in plastic in the back of your closet for sentimental reasons, you'll be able to go out again in the outfit and make even more awesome memories in it.

You'll stand out in a good way


Pretty much everyone wears long gowns to prom, not that there's anything wrong with that. But if you're the one person who doesn't take the traditional route, all eyes will be on you when you flawlessly pull off that short dress (or romper) like the total rockstar you are.

No one else will have the same dress as you


When only a handful of people sport short dresses, there's less of a chance that someone will wear the same dress as you. We all remember Kate Sanders' wrath in that "Lizzie McGuire" episode when Miranda wore the same outfit as her on picture day. No one wants to go through that mess on prom night.

You won't get overheated


Between posing outside under the burning sun for the perfect prom pic and breaking it down on the dance floor, you start to work up a sweat on your big night. A short dress keeps you feeling cool and breezy so that the only thing that's hot about you is how hot you look. *fire emoji*

It's easy to bust a move


Short dresses allow for free range of movement, so there's nothing holding you back from going all-out on the dance floor. Those sky-high heels, on the other hand, might not be as helpful.

It might have pockets


OK, it probably won't have pockets. But a short dress is MUCH more likely to have pockets than a long dress is, just sayin'. #priorities

It's cheaper overall


Generally speaking, less cloth = less money. A short prom dress is cheaper to begin with. On top of that, it doesn't need as many alterations (see #3) and you can wear it to other events (see #4), so you get more bang for your buck overall. It's a simple way to save money at an outrageously lavish occasion.

If celebs can pull off a short dress (and even shorts) on red carpets, SO CAN YOU


Taylor Swift strutted her stuff at the 2014 VMAs in a glamorous jumpsuit. Lucy Hale walked the red carpet in a flouncy above-knee number. Prom is basically the red carpet of high school, and you can wear whatever your heart desires -- be it a short dress, a flowing gown, a badass pantsuit or even your birthday suit. OK, probably not that last one. Maybe save that for the afterparty?

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