The State Of The 'Ship: Where Are All Your Favorite TV Couples?

From Delena to Olicity and back, we check in with all of your faves.

It's been a long summer without some of our favorite shows, and with the kickoff of fall TV this month, everyone needs a refresher on where we left off. Rather than giving you the rundown of every detail from season finales, we’re going to hone in on the most important question: Where did our favorite couples leave off?

From the will-they-won’t-they (Hook and Emma on “Once Upon a Time”) to the super complicated (Olivia and Fitz and Olivia and Jake on “Scandal”) to the potential hookups (Damon and Bonnie on The Other Side on “The Vampire Diaries”), we’ve rounded up your favorite ‘ship’s status updates. Keep reading to see who’s together, who broke up, and whose status is “it’s complicated.”


Olivia and Fitz: It's complicated.

Olivia seemingly made her choice when she jetted off to an unknown location with Jake at the end of Season 2. The question is, will it stick, or is she just buying time until she goes back to Fitz?

Olivia and Jake: In a relationship?

We really have no idea what's happening with Olivia and Jake, with the exception that she ran away with him and is chugging vino on a beach somewhere. Are things romantic, or is she just taking his help?

Quinn and Huck: It’s complicated.

Though Huck and Quinn were hooking up at the end of last season and she even told him that she loved him, all hell broke loose when she took him to his long-lost family. He was so pissed that there’s a chance they won’t reconcile, but we’ll have to see what unfolds with Huck and his estranged wife, Nicole. We're guessing there will be some hookups, but nothing too serious.

Abby and David: In a relationship.

Things are bound to get complicated this season, but right now, these two are doing okay. They're surprisingly the most "normal" couple on "Scandal."

Mellie and Fitz: It’s complicated.

While these two are not headed for a happy marriage, they will likely get closer as they grieve their son, Jerry. And with Olivia gone (at least for now) and Fitz finding out about what his father did, Mellie could be his main focus.

"Once Upon a Time"

Emma and Hook: It’s complicated.

They may have ended Season 3 with a long makeout session, but things are complicated in Storybrooke. Will they really be together? Will Hook become Henry’s new dad? Will Elsa’s arrival get between them? We’ll have to wait and see.

Snow and Charming: In a relationship.

It’s all good with these two. They have their baby, Prince Neal, safe and sound and neither of them are in danger of dying — at least not right now.

Belle and Rumple: In a relationship.

These two got married at the end of Season 3, but that doesn’t mean it will be a happily ever after. There are some major lies underneath the surface when it comes to Rumple killing Zelena, and with the arrival of Elsa (and the “Frozen” gang) this season, things could get interesting.

Emma and Regina: Not together.

Whether you’re a SwanQueen ‘shipper or just a fan of Emma and Regina’s magical love/hate relationship, Season 3 gave us another bump in the road for the duo. Emma brought back Robin Hood’s wife, Marian, in the portal, quashing the relationship that Regina and Robin were starting to build.

Regina and Robin Hood: It’s complicated.

Just when we thought Regina would get her happy ending, it all fell apart. Regina literally gave Robin Hood her heart, and now it looks like he’s going to get back together with his long-lost wife so they can raise their son together. Sigh.

"The Vampire Diaries"

Damon and Elena: It’s complicated.

Elena is going to spend part of Season 7 grieving her lost boyfriend. These two can never really find happiness, can they? Since Damon is stuck on The Other Side with Bonnie, these two probably won't be reuniting anytime soon.

Bonnie and Jeremy: It's complicated.

Basically, ditto to everything above. These two just can't catch a break.

Elena and Stefan: It’s complicated.

Damon died, so it would make sense that Stefan would finally get the girl. However, Nina Dobrev says that Elena won’t be jumping into anyone’s arms — even Stefan’s — at first. She’ll be grieving, not thinking about romance.

Damon and Bonnie: It’s complicated.

There’s a chance that Damon and Bonnie will hook up, but that would make things pretty crazy if/when they return to Mystic Falls. We don’t know what to think about this one.

Stefan and Caroline: Not together.

This relationship is on the back burner for now, with the focus shifted to their friendship instead. With so much going on, there’s a big question mark surrounding many “TVD” couples.

"The Originals"

Hayley and Elijah: It’s complicated.

They aren’t together — and Hayley is now a hybrid — but they’ve kissed and gotten closer now, so fingers crossed. And hey, now Hayley's baby can't get in the way since her daughter is off safe with Rebekah.

Hayley and Klaus: Not together.

As seen above, Hayley is more likely to be with Elijah than Klaus, but now Klaus and Hayley have a better relationship than they did for most of the first season.

Rebekah and Marcel: Not together.

Considering Rebekah is gone with Klaus and Hayley’s baby, Hope, we’re just going to rule out any happy reunion with Marcel at the start of Season 2. However, we’ll never say never for these star-crossed lovers.

Klaus and Cami: Not together.

These two had a friendship breakup in the finale when Klaus told Cami they can’t be friends because he “ruins beautiful things” and she is beautiful.

Cami and Marcel: Not together.

They aren’t together by any means, but they have grown closer since Marcel opened up to Cami about his past. So, potential relationship ahead?

"Grey's Anatomy"

Meredith and Derek: In a relationship (but it's about to get complicated).

Now that Derek is working for the White House and Meredith wants to stay put in Seattle to work on her career, MerDer is physically being pulled apart. Though they don't show any signs of splitting — we've dealt with that enough over the years — things are about to get messy.

Jo and Alex: In a relationship.

Though they had to sign a "love contract" to stay together, all is well… for now. They're not engaged anymore, but we're not ruling that out in the future.

April and Jackson: In a relationship.

April and Jackson are finally happy: married, living together, and a baby on the way. However, considering how rushed everything about their relationship has been, it’s bound to get a little crazy. Let's just hope these two stay together.

Callie and Arizona: In a relationship (but it's complicated).

On the surface, things look great for Callie and Arizona. They're happy, being open with one another, and considering a surrogate for their second child. But with all the problems in their past, this is kind of like a band aid on a bullet wound.


Oliver and Felicity: Not together.

Oliver tricked Felicity (and fans) when he fake-confessed his feelings for his IT gal to distract Slade at the end of Season 2, but — as we've all seen in promos by now — Season 3 will find the pair going on its first date.

Oliver and Sara: Not together.

Sara chose the League of Assassins over a life of vigilante-ism, then left town with the lesser-known daughter of Ra's al Ghul/her ex, Nyssa, during the Season 2 finale. She'll be back next year, though, so who knows.

Roy and Thea: Not together.

These guys headed straight for splitsville when a devastated Thea found out some of the truth about Roy's extracurricular activities. She then left town with her evil dad, so, we wouldn't count on seeing a reunion between these two right away.


Castle and Beckett: It’s complicated.

Castle and Beckett had to go on a wild goose chase (and almost get killed) in order to have their wedding in the Season 6 finale, and it looked like they were finally going to get to the altar. But, nope, Castle was chased off the road and his car was found up in flames at the end of the episode! Beckett was seen crying as she looked at the ruins, but previews for Season 7 tell us that he wasn’t in the car. So, where in the world is Richard Castle?!

Lanie and Esposito: It’s complicated.

There wasn’t a lot of screen time for Lanie and Esposito together in the Season 6 finale, but the few moments they shared were spent holding hands while sitting at the wedding. Things have been casual, so we’re unsure what’s next for them.


Dean and Castiel: Not together.

These two will never happen, but the fact that Dean is a demon now should drive a wedge even further between the two besties.