Drake And Future Just Dropped Their Mixtape And, Wow, What A Time To Be Alive

Their joint mixtape is here.

It's time to forget that dark cloud you feel like is following you because it's about to be Monday. And get ready to forget that feeling of dread you're used to on Monday morning. And prepare to move on from that feeling you get on Tuesday where you can't believe the week isn't half over yet.

And what do you have to thank for this newfound positivity? Drake and Future's new joint mixtape, What A Time To Be Alive, which dropped on Sunday night.

The two rap powerhouses -- who recently toured together and collaborated on Future's DS2 track "Where Ya At" -- had been hinting at the tape in recent days before confirming it earlier this week. And tonight, it finally hit fans' ears when Aubrey debuted it on his OVO Sound Radio.

"I went to Atlanta and wanted to make some songs and we ended up making an entire tape," Drizzy said while introducing the project, before letting it play. "The tape is called What A Time To Be Alive and it's a little soundtrack for people that need it."

You can give it a listen yourself on iTunes (Hint: The answer is probably yes).