Drew Barrymore To Direct Third 'Twilight' Film, 'Eclipse'?

Nary a day goes by these days without some big 'Twilight' news, whether it's bogus Madonna rumors or Robert Pattinson hitting the Oscars red carpet.

Well today the news involves 'Eclipse' and the search for a director. According to Entertainment Weekly, Summit is in talks with a small group of potential directors to helm the third installment in the franchise, including none other than Drew Barrymore.

Now there's a name that's seemingly out of nowhere, isn't it? Or is it? Barrymore recently completed directing her first feature, "Whip It!" starring Ellen Page. Of course she also knows a thing or two about young actors, being a veteran in front of the camera since she was an adorably tyke. And it's no surprise that Summit is looking to put the series back in the hands of a woman given all the love for Catherine Hardwicke's approach to the first film.

So does this mean that Chris Weitz definitely isn't going to be given a chance to direct the third flick? What about Catherine Hardwicke? Would Summit consider welcoming her back after Weitz gets a go round on "New Moon"?

As we reported recently, 'Eclipse' has a June 10, 2010 release date. Presumably filming of the flick would begin very soon after the completion of "New Moon."

What do you think? Is Drew Barrymore the right choice to direct "Eclipse"? Or does the series need a director with more experience behind the camera?

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