'Teen Wolf' Anniversary: Relive 10 Moments That Defined The MTV Series

The supernatural show is a decade old

June 5, 2011 is a momentous day in MTV's history: Viewers got their first bite taste of a brand-new series called Teen Wolf. Through the series' six-season tenure, there was happiness, heartbreak, and lots of howling.

Ten years later, we are taking a trip back to Beacon Hills (in Roscoe, obviously) and celebrating Scott McCall, his fellow supernaturals and human neighbors. Contain your banshee screams!


Relive 10 moments (tough to only pick this anniversary-related number) that defined the hit program below, then share your favorite memories of the pack in the comments.

A werewolf is born (Season 1, Episode 1)


We wouldn't have the True Alpha if the then-sophomore did not experience that bite (courtesy of Peter Hale).

Motel California (Season 3, Episode 6)


Between Stiles declaring that Scott is his brother to the humans (aka Stiles and Lydia) saving their werewolf pals from harming themselves, the Motel Glen Capri backdrop is arguably one of the most iconic locales on the series (BH spots excluded).

Mama McCall knows best (Season 3, Episode 13)


Scott's mom always had pearls of wisdom for her boy and his peers. "Give them hope" is another memorable quote, but "be your own anchor" truly stands the test of time.

Void Stiles (Season 3, Episode 18)


The Nogitsune took over his body -- and the rest is history.

Farewell, Allison Argent (Season 3, Episode 23)


The Beacon Hills community endured a lot of loss through the years, mostly evil creatures succumbing to Scott's strong pack. But no passing was quite as shocking as Allison Argent's (cause of death: a fatal stab at the hands of an Oni sword). And no, it's NOT okay.

First time for everything (Season 4, Episode 3)

liam bite

Scott had never turned someone from a human into a werewolf until a brand-new lacrosse player named Liam came to town. The bite was to save the newbie after a wendigo critically injured the then-freshman.

Daddy issues (Season 4, Episode 7)


Malia believed she was a Tate, but the werecoyote is actually a Hale -- as in, Peter is her father. And she was kinda the last one to find out about her family tree.

"Remember I love you" (Season 6, Episode 1)


Stiles and Lydia shared many emotional, passionate moments together. But if we had to pick one to single out it would be their heartfelt goodbye when everyone had forgotten who he is -- and his heartbreaking message for the banshee.

What's in a name? (Season 6, Episode 8)


Well, a lot? Sheriff Stilinski solved one of the series' biggest mysteries when he disclosed his child's moniker with this simple quote: "I have a son. His name is Mieczyslaw Stilinski."

Until next time...(Season 6, Episode 20)


Supernatural and mere mortals walking together -- and ready for what comes next.

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