Ridley Scott Says 'Blade Runner' Sequel Is The Best Script Harrison Ford Has Ever Read

Plus, some 'Prometheus' news.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Among the many reasons why Ridley Scott doesn't read his own press, here's a simple one: the man is too busy making movies.

The "Exodus: Gods and Kings" director has the Matt Damon science fiction movie "The Martian" next on his plate, as well as two sequels to two other Scott-helmed sci-fi efforts: "Prometheus" and "Blade Runner."

While chatting with MTV News, Scott confirmed some of the story details surrounding "Prometheus 2," namely that it'll continue to explore the relationship between Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender's severed head of android David. But David might not be body-free for too long.

"Once that head comes off, he's very dangerous, and he's also very seductive," Scott teased. "Maybe he can persuade you to put his head back on."

Beyond "Prometheus," Scott has a lot on his mind in terms of "Blade Runner 2," although right now he's not sure about directing the sequel to his 1982 cult classic. However, "it's written and ready to go," and there's at least one name who is "absolutely" on board: Harrison Ford.

"I sent him this [script] and he said it's the best thing he's ever read," said Scott. "It's very relevant to what happened in the first one."

While both projects seem to be continuing along and at varying stages of readiness, we still don't know where Scott officially stands in terms of directing the "Prometheus" and "Blade Runner" sequels, or when we can expect to see them in theaters.

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