Swizz Beatz Says DMX Is Ready For A Comeback

Plus: Raekwon talks about the future of his 'Cuban Linx,' in 'Mixtape Daily.'

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

You can never front on the legacy of DMX or the Ruff Ryders. We all know about the loudest Ruff Ryder's [article id="1600994"]troubles the last few years[/article], but Swizz Beatz says the Dog is clean and back in the studio.

"Me and X probably have the realest of realest talks," Swizz said of his close friend. "If a person don't wanna help themselves, then there's nothing you can do. The good thing is that X is willing to help himself. I know the X I can work with, I know the X I cannot work with. Right now [he] is the X I can work with. That's why he's on the ['Who's Real'] remix smashing it and we got about seven other records that, if we put out right now, it would mess everybody up.

"But I wanna have the proper setup where he's getting a fair chance and the most attention and most respect right now," Swizz added. "I'm not putting nothing out until we have the lineup together, which we're close to having, and the streets are going to witness that raw uncut street element. X was doing $16 million movies and sleeping outside, just because that's where he felt comfortable. He's the realest in the game. He never was on no jewelry, no cars. X, he's one artist that I truly know is a real artist. It don't get no more real than X."

As for the Ruff Ryders coming back together, Swizz said, "100 percent." While a compilation may be held back due to business reasons, he says everyone -- the LOX, Eve, Drag-On as well as DMX -- is working on their separate projects to drop soon.

The Streets Is Talking: News and Notes From The Underground

Now that Raekwon has released one of the [article id="1621025"]most talked about hip-hop sequel albums ever[/article], who would the Chef like to see a sequel from?

"That's a mean question," he told us recently in New York. "I'd like to see Nas do another Illmatic. See Snoop do another [Doggystyle]. I'd like to see Hov do another Reasonable Doubt. I'd like to Slick Rick come back with the another Great Adventures of Slick Rick. I'd like to see Rakim do another Paid in Full. ... I'm hip-hop for real. We could go on for days. I would like to see another Criminal Minded [from Boogie Down Productions].

"These are dudes that really initiated the boat to really rock the right way," he continued. "I'm gonna always respect the classics until the young G's show me they really understand it, rather than just looking at it as being a rapper with the bling on and the Phantom parked outside and the girls and the bling on and the paparazzi. I wanna see skills come back to the table. I wanna see creativity come back to the table. I wanna see art. Just do your work. Do what you supposed to do to make us say, 'He stepped his game up.' Shout to the young G's doing their thing though."

Rae isn't sure about the future of the Cuban Linx series of albums -- it depends on the fans.

"We at that question already?" he smiled when we asked him about the game plan for Cuban Linx III. "Right now, that's not even thought about. I want people to suck up this album. If the fans start getting on me and I feel like they respect what I do ... I'm looking to see all the people who been talking about II, I'm gonna see where y'all at. I'm looking at the charts and sales and everything to really feel like, 'OK, III is worth it because II showed me they wasn't fronting on me. You never know."

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