11 Pop Singers Who Can Hit Whistle Tones Like Mariah Carey

From Fifth Harmony to Tori Kelly, here are the ladies who are killing it.

When you think of someone who can sing notes as high as the sky, who comes to mind?

Mariah Carey, of course. Perhaps you think of Minnie Riperton, Betty Wright, or Whitney Houston. But there are more modern divas who can pull off whistle tones -- those notes that seem almost inhuman, like they're coming from a, you know, whistle.

Getting to the top of your voice requires a whole different register, and very few people can do it. Check out the ladies who totally own their whistle tones:

Hayley Williams

Here's the Paramore frontwoman practicing her notes with vocal coach Brett Manning.


Here's Grimes' whistle register from her 2012 track "Circumambient."

Ariana Grande

Here's Ari practicing her whistle tones and explaining them a bit. Watch her cover of Mariah Carey's "Emotions" to see her in action.

Ella Henderson

You've got to have a whistle tone when you're covering Minnie Riperton, one of the OG divas with a range like that.

Tori Kelly

Just out of nowhere, Tori hit this note in the middle of a Superfruit video.


Kirstie and Mitch casually sing "Single Ladies" in the highest register while hanging out.

Fifth Harmony

Ally, Normani and Dinah are great whistlers.

Kelly Clarkson

A throwback "American Idol" moment, but a good one.

Mariah Carey, duh!

I wish I could upload Mimi's entire discography, but alas, here she is on Instagram pretending she didn't know there was a camera there.

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