The Weeknd’s ‘Party Monster’ Video Is Like A Goosebumps Book On Acid

Welcome to Abel’s nightmare

The Weeknd's Starboy singles have all brought arresting music videos along with them, and "Party Monster" is no exception.

In his latest visual, Abel Tesfaye dives deep into a glitchy neon hell that looks like something cooked up by David Cronenberg, Marilyn Minter, Nicolas Winding Refn, and R.L. Stine after they all did a bunch of cocaine together. Sexy panthers leap out of TV screens, girls make out with each other while their faces melt off, and Abel walks around stoically through it all like it's no big deal.

If anyone's going to act nonplussed around a dozen glow-in-the-dark succubi, it's The Weeknd. Sadly, neither Lana Del Rey (who sings on the track) nor Abel's new bud Selena Gomez show up to this particular party.