Britney Spears And Tinashe Invite You To The ‘Slumber Party’ Of Your Dreams

Their new video cranks up the sex-cult vibes

With additional reporting by Maeve Keirans

If, for whatever reason, Britney Spears’s “Make Me” video didn’t quite meet your expectations, she’s more than made up for it with her latest clip for “Slumber Party.”

Britney strides into the kind of party you typically only see in vampire movies, complete with wild costumes and makeup. In an interview with MTV News for Snapchat, Britney said that she was “going for an Eyes Wide Shut theme.” That’s the movie where Tom Cruise joins a sex cult, if you’re unfamiliar.

“The vibe was what you see in the video,” she continued. “Amazing costumes, energy, dancing, and people. We were filming a music video that portrays an incredible party, and that’s what it felt like on set.”

Tinashe joins the fun to sing her verse on the new mix of “Slumber Party.” “Tinashe is so sweet. I always see my fans talking about her online, and it just made so much sense to collaborate on this song,” Britney said about the collab. “She was amazing, and would love to find another way to work together in the future!”

We’d love that too — keep your fingers crossed.

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