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'Halloween''s First Trailer Recalls The Most Chilling Parts Of The Original Slasher

It will leave you checking your closets before you fall asleep

The first trailer for the new Halloween is here, and it arrived straight from your darkest nightmares.

The upcoming film ignores all previous incarnations of the franchise except for the original, taking place 40 years after the events of the 1978 Halloween, which ended with Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) narrowly escaping the murderous grasp of Michael Myers (Nick Castle) after he finished off her friends, and culminated with Myers ominously running from his own death into the small town of Haddonfield.

Both Castle and Curtis reprise their roles in the upcoming movie, scars and all, and both have spent the past 40 years awaiting their rematch. To be honest, it's hard to tell which of the two is going to be the more chilling player: the boogeyman, or the woman who has turned her backyard into target practice while awaiting vengeance.

The trailer opens with an explanation of what happened after October 31, 1978. In this new version of events, Myers was caught by police soon after fleeing the crime scene. He has remained in prison since, and Laurie has prayed for his escape every night, "So I can kill him."

On this fateful Halloween, her prayers are answered — and the killer promptly returns to his terrorizing ways. In one particularly gruesome moment that seems to set the tone for the slasher flick, Myers drops a fistful of bloody human teeth into a public restroom stall, then attacks the woman using it.

As Laurie had always suspected, Myers makes his way back to Haddonfield to finish what he began four decades earlier — but this time, Laurie's more than ready for the fight.

Watch the first trailer above. Halloween hits theaters Friday, October 19.