Simple Plan's 'The Rest Of Us' Goes Out To All The Losers (VIDEO)

Watch Simple Plan's "The Rest Of Us" video.

Simple Plan give a "socially awkward" shout-out in their new music video.

You might think that after all these years and so many dozens of pop-punk songs about how it's OK to be yourself no matter what anyone else says, fans might've gotten the idea by now. But, we'll give French-Canadian favorites Simple Plan a pass here, because it's certainly a message worth repeating.

Their new video for "The Rest Of Us," one of the seven tracks on their just-released Get Your Heart On -- The Second Coming! EP, finds the five-piece on the road, playing in front of some huge crowds who seem to like them just fine the way they are -- socially awkward or not.

Watch Simple Plan's "The Rest Of Us" video after the jump.

"It's OK / That I'm not that good at anything/ And I don't hit the notes perfectly/ When I try to sing," Pierre Bouvier sings over a montage of the band goofing off backstage, in a bowling alley, on the subway, plus shots showing off some pretty sexy pole-dancing moves and top-secret hairstyling techniques. The thousands of fans bouncing along to the band's live performance might disagree with the singing part, but we'll allow for a little self-deprecation here.

Some of the footage looks like it was taken from the band's recent trip through Asia, although its tone is decidedly different than their more serious efforts to raise awareness about human trafficking in the "This Song Saved My Life" video shot in Vietnam.

"Here's to the rest of us/ To all the ones that never felt they were good enough," goes the chorus. "I wanna hear it for the dazed and confused/ The freaks and the losers." And to really hammer the point home, we get to see them dance around in their underwear and try on some wrestling masks. What a bunch of losers -- and we mean that in the best way possible, obviously.

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