Hailee Steinfeld Is The Coolest 19th Century Poet Ever In 'Dickinson'

Emily Dickinson probably never said 'dude,' but who cares?

You've never seen poet Emily Dickinson like this before.

Hailee Steinfeld is taking on the role of 19th century poet Emily Dickinson in the upcoming Apple TV+ show Dickinson, and it's a totally new look at Emily's life.

For one thing, we're sure the real Dickinson never hopped into a carriage with Wiz Khalifa – excuse us, "Death," – or had any sort of stereotypically "cool" teen parties to attend. But in Dickinson, showrunner Alena Smith is making the 19th century look positively progressive, and it seems like an interesting experiment.

The real Dickinson was considered something of an oddball in her day, and a massively prolific poet. In her lifetime, she had published nearly 1,800 poems, dealing with death and immortality. It'll be interesting to see how Steinfeld reconciles what we know about the real-world Dickinson with her significantly updated role in the show. So far, it's giving us some intriguing vibes, and if this novel approach to historical dramas gets younger viewers more interested in the arts and those who wrote some of the most classic literature of all time, it's a winning situation for everyone involved.

Steinfeld even wrote a new song to go along with her role: "Afterlife (Dickinson)", inspired by Emily's tendency to pen darker, haunting poetry. She's also executive producing the series, so it'll be sure to have her signature influence all over it.

The show is set to debut on Apple TV+, Apple's new streaming service, alongside several other new titles when it launches on November 1. You can watch Apple TV+ shows like this one across all your iOS devices, and it'll be $4.99 a month to hop aboard – though you can get a seven-day trial if you want to give it a try.

This might be the show that gets you to sign up. We're rooting for Dickinson in a big way.

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