R. Kelly's Brother Accuses Singer Of More Abuses

Carey Kelly levies additional allegations against brother on low-budget DVD.

A few years back a rumor circulated that R. Kelly planned to claim that it was actually his brother featured on the sex tape that prompted child-pornography charges against the singer. But R. Kelly's younger brother has a tape -- and a few claims -- of his own.

Carey Kelly has resurfaced in a new low-budget DVD in which he puts forth a number of allegations against his more famous brother. Chief among them, Carey says R. offered him $50,000, a record deal and a house if he would perjure himself on the witness stand. Previously Carey had expressed concern when he heard that his resemblance to his brother might be used as a defense strategy to cast doubt that it was really the singer on the tape (see [article id="1457703"]"R. Kelly's Brother: I Support Him But Won't Take The Fall"[/article]).

"I got a call about a year and a half ago," Carey says on the Drahma Magazine-produced DVD, which was first available on and was released Tuesday. "My brother wanted me to do some sh-- pertaining to this case that would leave me behind bars with a record deal. It doesn't make sense, so I turned it down. ... Since I couldn't lie for him in a court of law, we're back to beefing again, and we ain't brothers no more."

Carey elaborated on New York radio station Hot 97's Friday morning show, saying R. made the offer while the two were in a hot tub, ostensibly so the singer could be sure his younger brother wasn't wearing a wire. Even though he was alternately living in an abandoned building and sleeping in his car at the time, the offer of money and fame "was not worth it to me," Carey said. "I'd rather get it on my own than sell my soul, so that's why I'm speaking the truth."

Carey also claims that R. abuses his wife (see [article id="1510359"]"R. Kelly, Wife Separate -- Petition For Restraining Order Tells Of Alleged Abuse"[/article]), tried to molest their other brother's daughter and molested their 12-year-old second cousin. And if those claims weren't enough, Carey also says R. is bisexual ("He in the closet for real," Carey said on Hot 97).

"This is not the first time Carey has made ridiculous accusations against his brother," an R. Kelly spokesperson said. "We're not going to dignify them with a comment."

A source close to the singer said Carey's accusations are "frustrating" because "R. Kelly doesn't want to go after him publicly." But the source said R. considers Carey to be "troubled guy with lots of problems who's mouthing off."

Carey says all his claims can be proven. But Carey's credibility might be called into question for a number of reasons -- most of them self-admitted. His grudge against his brother, however, is paramount -- he says he believes the singer has prevented him from having a successful music career of his own. Even though he contributed to a few tracks to R.'s 1993 record, 12 Play, Carey says he hasn't received any royalties. "I never asked for a handout, but pay me for what I do," he told Hot 97. Carey says he also believes that his brother got him blacklisted by the music industry.

"Why are people feeling sorry for [R.]?" Carey asked. "Saying that the girl's lying and that's why he caught the case? He caught the case because that's God's way of waking him up. What you put out there comes back. It's called karma. But I'm not trying to say anything that's going to put him behind bars. I just wish that people that supposedly love him really reach out to him and say, 'You need help, man.' He's sick and he needs help."

R. Kelly's child-pornography case proceeds in a Chicago court April 7.

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