Mixtape Mondays: Action Pac

Mixed disc features R&B offerings by Ginuwine, Monica, Marques Houston, Dru Hill.

  • Name: Action Pac
  • Mixtape: Safe Sex 18
  • Hometown: New York, New York
  • Joints to check for: "That Girl" remix by Marques Houston featuring R. Kelly, "In Those Jeans" by Ginuwine and "So Gone" by Monica
  • Previous mixtapes: Safe Sex 1-17
  • The 411: On the R&B-filled Safe Sex 18 CD, there are no threats of anybody kidnapping their rivals' children and nobody is getting shot with guns the size of Lil' Bow. As a matter of fact, there is hardly any tough talking at all -- instead, most people are begging.
  • Forget everything Marques Houston told his wifey in the original version of "That Girl" -- about how he had just been looking at another female, but didn't want to do anything with her. Apparently it was all a lie. He enlists the help of R. Kelly to beg forgiveness for cheating with "that girl."

    Meanwhile, as we've been hearing for the past few weeks on the radio, the guys in Dru Hill aren't in the best shape when it comes to relationships, either. The five-man crew feverishly tries to escape the confines of the doghouse on the ballad "I Love You."

    The men aren't the only ones going batty, however. R&B siren Monica is losing her mind over an unfaithful man on "So Gone."

    Maybe all these singers should get their pimp game up like Ginuwine and find somebody new. Throwing subtlety out the window, he literally tells a woman he wants to get in her pants on "In Those Jeans."

    "Really thick like I like it/ Tell me is there anymore room for me in those jeans?" he sings on the chorus. And who could blame Gin for being blatant? After all, he is that "same ole G" from the block and the girl looks so "tasty" and "scrumptious" she "makes a thug want to cry something terrible."

    If you're one of those music fans who fiend for a mixtape full of exclusives, then Safe Sex 18 is probably not your bag. Like most of his offerings, Action Pac focuses on the mixing aspect, providing a continuous play of R&B jams for everyone down for catching a little spring fever.

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