Quavo Wants To Write For Rihanna And Shawn Mendes For A Sad But Relatable Reason

'I got a lot of those songs in my hard drive'

Quavo is a man of many talents. The most outspoken member of Migos has been everything from a star quarterback in high school to one of the most sought out feature artists in music. In a new interview with Hot 97, the Atlanta renaissance man discussed his dream collaborators.

"I'd like to do a song for Rihanna," he said. "I'd like to do something for like a Shawn Mendes, something like that. I just want to show, I got a lot of those songs in my hard drive, but I don't think if I release 'em the people could like understand them coming from me."

While Quavo isn't ready to release his pop songs as a solo artist, he did share how Beyoncé and Jay-Z ended up recording another song he wrote.

"I actually did 'Stir Fry' and 'Apeshit' at the same time," Quavo shared. "Me and Pharrell was recording at Chalice. 'Apeshit' was supposed to make Culture II. We did two records. I just picked 'Stir Fry' to go on the album. He called me back and was like, 'Yo, B and Jay got the record.'"

The "L A M B T A L K" artist then described the first time he saw Beyoncé perform 'Apeshit" live.

"She killin' it," he continued. "Nah, she doing it way better than me. She killin' it. She bringing dance moves and choreo. I went to the show. I watched the whole show, because she do it at then end of the show. The anticipation for 'Apeshit,' I felt I like start sweating. Just watching the show and it was so hype and exciting. I was just waiting on 'Apeshit' the whole time and then when she played it, I was almost walking out. I came all the way back."

Would you be down for a Shawn Mendes song written by Quavo?