Zayn Malik Will Finally Bring His Cheekbones To Versace Billboards

It’s happening, people!!!

He’s appeared in the pages of Vogue, sat front row at Fashion Week, and designed a pair of biker boots with Giuseppe Zanotti — Zayn Malik is decidedly more #FASHUN since leaving One Direction.

His newest gig is his biggest one yet: He’s designing a collection for Versus Versace.

According to the New York Times, the collection will be released in May and includes men’s and women’s clothing.

Buried among quotes from Donatella Versace about why Zayn is the perfect choice is something major — he will be “the face of Versus in advertising campaigns.” It’s about time we were blessed with those cheekbones on billboards!!!! It’s all we’ve been dreaming of since Zayn first started popping up at fashion shows across the globe and now, over a year later, the time has come.

Oh, and in case there was any doubt, this is all thanks to Gigi — Donatella confirms that though she met Zayn while he was in 1D, it wasn’t until he began dating the supermodel that she was impressed by him. Thank you, Gigi, for making all our dreams come true.

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