Lizzo And Missy Elliott's 'Tempo' Is Already The Song Of The Summer, You're Welcome

A match made in hip-hop heaven brings more energy than you could even imagine

What happens when you take Lizzo, one of hip-hop and R&B's most energetic performers, and mix her energy with that of Missy Elliott? The answer is "Tempo," a fast and furious, bellowing record stuffed with the kind of swagger that makes those unsure of themselves uncomfortable. The pair dropped the record today (March 20) and through its hi-hats and dominating lyrics, overtook the internet in a flurry of hip thrusts and flashed tongues.

With "Juice," Lizzo's already proven that when it comes to vocal chops and funk prowess, she's top tier. But "Tempo" is completely different, almost as if it's from a different voice entirely. Lizzo raps here with a snarl and a wink, exclaiming her preference for beats that have some gruff in them. Songs with tempo are meant for those with fuller thighs and blooming personalities. The beat is tailor-made for all kinds of twerking and hip gyration thanks to the rapid clapping and lush electro energy that makes the entire thing feel like one extremely long frenzy.

Elliott brings a softer electricity to the mix, but don't mistake it for hesitancy. She embraces the absurdity by being soft, yet delightfully arrogant about her dangerous curves. The two are a match made in hyper-charged heaven because they bounce off each other so organically.

Lizzo's currently preparing for the release of her new album, Cuz I Love You, set to drop in April. So far, she's released captivating, big-budget videos for "Juice" and, most recently, the LP's title track. She'll be heading out on a tour in support of Cuz I Love You next month as well, so if you want to bear witness to her endless energy live, it's time to prepare accordingly.

Listen to the raging track up above.

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