Kim Kardashian Loves This Cape Enough To Wear It Multiple Times

When Kim Kardashian launched her app in September, there was one piece of advice that we found particularly helpful—she wrote, "My tip to anyone who is trying to dress their growing bump is to be prepared for trial and error and just wear what you know works best, even if it's repetitive! If it works, it works!" While she was talking about pregnancy style, we applied it to our daily lives, knowing that Kim Kardashian was cool with us wearing the same thing over and over.

Well, for anyone doubting that Kim, a bonafide style icon, would actually wear the same thing twice, it's time to revise your position.

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Kim Kardashian

On Monday night (Oct. 26), Kim wore a form-fitting white Valentino dress—and cape!—to the InStyle Awards. While it looks sleek and hard to eat in, it also looks familiar. A brief scan of Kim's Instagram reveals that, yes, she recently wore the same dress—she not only doles out sage advice, but also follows it herself!

Kim wore the same dress—and cape!—to a wedding at the beginning of September. While this dress works, hence the repetition, it also accomplishes another one of Kim's goals for her style this pregnancy—accentuating her bump.

When something works, it works. LBR, though, it's bound to work if it involves a cape. Take note.

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