9 Ways ‘Hannah Montana’ Proved Miley Cyrus Was Destined To Host The VMAs

Sweet niblets, she's got this.

Disney Channel's hit TV show "Hannah Montana" wrapped its final season nearly five years ago, and superstar Miley Cyrus -- Miley Stewart on the show -- has come a looooong way since shedding that trademark blond wig.

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Next up? Hosting the 2015 VMAs, NBD. I mean, just check out that liberty walk strut:

Let's take a walk down memory lane and revisit all the reasons "Hannah Montana" proved Cyrus is more than badass enough to rock the VMAs stage next Sunday, August 30.

She knows how to deal with her haters


It's the VMAs, guys. Something's inevitably gonna happen that's gonna irk somebody somewhere, because it's impossible to please everyone. Hannah always knew how to deal with her haters -- in this case, her arch-nemesis Mikayla, played by Selena Gomez -- and Cyrus is no different.

She stands up for girls


The 2014 VMAs were all about girl power and feminism, and Cyrus will likely continue this trend because why wouldn't she? It's empowering to see women conquering award shows with their talent and passion for their work.

She knows how to kill it on stage


Hannah knew how to get (and keep) a crowd's attention and never let her fans down. In the season 2 episode "I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak," she lost her voice and had to undergo vocal surgery after wooing the crowd with an impressive SIX ENCORES. Talk about dedication. Hosting the VMAs isn't exactly a cakewalk, and Cyrus will undoubtedly put as much effort into the night as Hannah did during her performances.

She's friends with VMA nominees

Ready for a major throwback? In 2009 Taylor Swift -- whose music vids have a whopping nine nominations this year -- appeared in "Hannah Montana: The Movie." The 1989 star performed a country ballad, "Crazier," in the film. Cyrus and Swift's friendship mayyy be on the rocks at the moment, but the duo was definitely buddy-buddy not too long ago.

She'll wear anything

Whether it's a meowing cat sweater or something pink and glittery, Hannah was down to wear it all. Miley's VMAs look has changed a ton since her first appearance there in 2008, and we're dying to see what kinds of badass costume changes she has planned for this year.

She's real


Miley Stewart and her alter-ego Hannah, despite the disguise, were always down-to-earth when it came to family and friends. She revealed the truth to those closest to her, then told the rest of the world when she was ready to take that huge next step. Similarly, Cyrus has been nothing but unapologetically honest about herself and her ambitions in the years since "Hannah" ended. That genuineness will make the VMAs stage even better.

She knows how to bust a move

From the "Bone Dance" to the "Hoedown Throwdown" to twerking, girl can do it all. You gotta give her props for that. It wouldn't be the VMAs without some ~creative~ dancing, after all.

She's a pro at sticking out out her tongue


No, really

Hannah knew how to rock the tongue starting with season one, so Cyrus' infamous tongue-wagging at the 2014 VMAs isn't that out of character. All those years of practice means there will def be some serious tongue action at this year's awards show. Prepare yourself, internet.

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards will air live from L.A.’s Microsoft Theater at 9 p.m. ET, on Sunday, August 30.

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