Ariana Grande's 'Snow In California': 6 Ways Ariana Could Convince Her Man To Stay That Don't Involve Freak Winter Storms

Listen to Ariana Grande's silky "Snow In California"

Wanna get your man to stay a day longer, Ariana?! Here are a few suggestions!

Ariana Grande's in a bit of a pickle! According to her new R&B-tinged holiday song "Snow In California" (from her forthcoming Christmas Kisses EP, dropping Dec. 10), she needs a West Coast Christmas miracle (and some inclement weather) to delay her travel-prone man's upcoming flight.

Anyway, we know what you're thinking -- this song HAS to be about the "Love Is Everything" singer's famous, always-traveling boyfriend, Nathan Sykes! And honestly, the thought Ariana and Nathan being apart on Christmas is just plain UNACCEPTABLE.

But not to worry! We've devised a list of six foolproof ways Ariana can "trick" her boyfriend into sticking an extra day (sans freak winter storms).

1.) Cook him a delicious dinner that has to "marinate" for 48 hours: These insanely time-consuming recipes exist, you know! For example, chef Chuck Hughes' "Roasted Turkey with Turkey Meatballs" recipe -- you've gotta brine that bird for 48 hours! Please note that "total prep time" for this recipe is 54 hr 50 min. BOOM.

Listen to Ariana Grande's "Snow In California" after the jump.

 2.) Purchase literally anything they sell at Victoria's Secret: SELF-EXPLANATORY.

3.) Buy him the new Xbox One: Bro might turn into a couch potato/video game-playing zombie, but at least he'll stay in the building!

4.) Make a papier mâché mold of his face: Your boyf can't make his flight when his mug is covered in paper and starch paste. Arts and crafts = sneaky.

5.) Take a last-minute, romantic hike. Then get "lost": And by "lost," we mean you had this route scouted out on Google Maps the entire time.

6.) Start (and INSIST) you finish a "Godfather" marathon: You don't disobey the Corleones. YOU JUST DON'T.

+ Listen to Ariana Grande's "Snow In California."

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