Schoolboy Q Smashes The Best And Worst Parts About Living Lavish Together On 'Crash'

Q has more problems than you probably know of

We're in the final stages of the rollout for Schoolboy Q's new album Crash Talk, and its time to break out the big pre-release guns. Today, the rapper has unveiled "Crash" and it's a thematic collision of sorts; the intersection between having money and having problems. It adds some new color to Crash Talk that previous singles haven't explored, giving the world an understanding of what the phrase "Crash Talk" really means – real-life conversations about the good and the bad.

"Crash" is a track about confessions amidst success. It's a therapeutic release on wax where Schoolboy Q gets the chance to get poetic about his troubles. He has all the showings of success but he's troubled by family friends asking for money and the constant, startling fear of losing at life because it will affect his daughter in the long run. But just as he hints at the dark thoughts that he thinks about every night, he also explores having epic levels of success. "Stayed down and what happened? / Got my daughter that mansion / Gave my mother that million / Sold my soul to my feelings," he raps. He sounds stressed, but his accomplishments also give him peace.

Crash Talk comes out on April 26. Schoolboy Q released an unsettling album trailer last week that featured him wearing a paper bag on his head. The significance of that, so far, we don't know. Last month, he dropped his furious return single, "Numb Numb Juice." He followed it up with the sensual "Chopstix" that features Travis Scott.

Listen to "Crash" up above.