Watch The Olsen Twins Assault John Stamos With Hugs And Kisses In Adorable 'Full House' Throwback Video

Stamos gets a hug (and a slap) from MK+A in adorable behind-the-scenes video from 1989.

John Stamos' decades-long relationship with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is nothing short of complicated, especially in recent months.

When Stamos announced his plans to revive Full House on Netflix last April, the Olsen twins denied their involvement. Fans were obviously heartbroken. How could there be a Tanner family reunion on Fuller House without Michelle? No way, José! But no one was more upset than Stamos, who personally called Mary-Kate to try and convince her to appear on the show. Alas, the Olsens were just too busy running their fashion empire to commit to a cameo.

Since the Internet uproar, reports of Stamos and the Olsens' ~ feud ~ have been greatly exaggerated. Sure, they may have gotten off to a rough start when Stamos tried to have the Olsen babies fired back in 1987, but they've moved past that. In fact, take Stamos' latest Insta as proof of their long-standing, happy-ish working relationship.

In honor of the premiere of Fuller House later this week, the 52-year-old actor posted the cutest throwback video of him playing with his tiny co-stars Mary-Kate and Ashley in Hawaii back in 1989, when the twins were just three. MK+A are dressed in matching, patterned outfits as they assault their "Uncle Jesse" with hugs, kisses, and even a few whacks to the head. Normally, we'd say "how rude!" -- but this is just too precious.

Have mercy on our hearts, Stamos. We can't take this much cute in one day.